What is the Kitchen in Pickleball?

What is the Kitchen in Pickleball?

Understanding the Kitchen in Pickleball:

The non-volley zone, affectionately referred to as the kitchen, is a designated area on both sides of the net. This zone spans seven feet deep, extending from the net into the court, covering the entire width of the pickleball court. Its purpose is to prevent players from standing too close to the net and dominating the game with powerful smashes.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Kitchen Rules

Q: Can I lean over the kitchen line to hit a volley?

A: Yes, you are allowed to lean over the kitchen line as long as your feet or any part of your body is not touching the kitchen surface. Keep in mind that your momentum should not carry you into the kitchen, as this would result in a fault.

Q: Can I step into the kitchen after the ball bounces on my side?

A: Once the ball has bounced within the kitchen, you are permitted to step into the kitchen to hit the ball. However, you must ensure that you do not touch the kitchen line or go beyond the boundaries of the kitchen while making the shot.

Q: Is it legal to hit an overhead smash within the kitchen?

A: No, hitting an overhead smash within the kitchen is a violation of the kitchen rule. As a general rule, any shot that involves an upward motion and is struck forcefully is considered a violation if performed within the kitchen.

All that said... 

The kitchen rules in pickleball can be complex, but one of the best parts of the Pickleball Community is it is a safe place to ask questions & learn all while having fun!

So, step onto the court with confidence, embrace the challenge of the kitchen, and let your pickleball prowess shine!

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