Activate your cool, and beat the heat.

Keeps you cool

Long-lasting comfort, our towels will continue to provide relief even after 100+ washes.

Keeps you protected

Comfortable, lightweight polyester provides protection from the sun while maintaining maximum breathability.

Washable & Reusable

Wet-to-cool technology delivers instant cooling that lasts for up to 2 hours.


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Pickleball Cooling TowelPickleball Cooling Towel
Sale price$25.00
Pickleball Cooling Towel | Pickle Love RedPickleball Cooling Towel | Pickle Love Red
Pickleball Cooling Towel | Pickle PowerPickleball Cooling Towel | Pickle Power
Pickleball Cooling Towel | Bold BangerPickleball Cooling Towel | Bold Banger
Pickleball Cooling Towel | Classic DinkPickleball Cooling Towel | Classic Dink
Pickleball Cooling Towel | Vintage VictoryPickleball Cooling Towel | Vintage Victory