Pickleball Drawstring Pouch | Platinum

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Behold the style and ingenuity of our premium, add-on Drawstring Pouch. Add this essential accessory to your pickleball repertoire, and experience the difference a conveniently organized setup can make in your game.

*Compatible with our Crossbody Paddle Cover and Crossbody Strap

A hands-free, must have– carry your gameday essentials with added ease.


Conveniently fits up to 3 pickleballs or an 18-oz water bottle.

Clip-on Compatible

Easily attaches to our Crossbody Cover and Interchangeable Straps.

Light & Mighty

Made from durable, lightweight & weather-resistant neoprene.

Your game on-the-go, made easy

Crafted from durable, weather-resistant neoprene our pouch securely holds an 18-oz sport canteen or up to 3 pickleball balls. Designed for maximum versatility, these pouches are compatible with our Crossbody Paddle Covers and can be easily attached, giving you more storage and added convenience while you’re on-the-go.


Premium Bundles

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